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CSR Initiatives

As Japan’s first dedicated logistics REIT, Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. (JLF) places a great deal of import on our relationships with all stakeholders, from investors to business partners and the community. Through the ownership of logistics facilities, we aim to facilitate the flow of money (finance) and the flow of goods, which is the lifeblood of the economy. Through these efforts, we pursue activities aimed at fulfilling our social responsibility, such as environmental awareness and contributions to society.

Consideration for the Environment

Environmental energy conservation measures

At JLF, we aim to lighten our burden on the environment by pursuing environmental and energy-conservation measures at the properties we own.
Examples of environmental and energy-conservation measures (some are still under study)

1. Introduce energy conservation equipment when renewing HVAC equipment
2. Introduce LED lighting when lighting fixtures are renewed
3. Turn ON/OFF lighting using motion detection sensors (in rest rooms, stairwells, etc.)
4. Introduce water-efficient models when renewing sanitary fixtures (bidet-equipped toilet seats, automatic water faucets, hand dryers)
5. Apply thermal insulation paint on roof tops with poor thermal insulation to enhance the efficiency of air conditioning on the top floor

Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification

JLF was awarded the DBJ Green Building Certificationfor Shin-Koyasu Logistics Center,Ychiyo Logistics Center and Tajimi Logistics Center as detail as below.

  • 八千代
  • 新子安
  • 多治見
DBJ Green Building Certification
A system of selecting and certifying real estate properties with high environmental and social awareness (Green Building), based on a comprehensive evaluation system that assesses not only an environmental perspective, but also a social one including owner response to social needs of the diverse stakeholders of the properties.

Acquisition of a Certification based on the SMBC Sustainable Building Assessment Program

Misato Logistics Center was certificated as “Bronze”, which is the first time the SMBC Sustainable Building Assessment Loan Program awarded to logistics properties.

  • 三郷
SMBC Sustainable Building Assessment Loan Program
A program designed to select and certify real estate properties satisfying environmental sustainability standards set by original evaluation system of SMBC. The standards include environmental performance capability of the properties, initiatives on risk management necessary for securing sustainability, and policy and implementation program on sustainability management.

Acquisition of CASBEE

Yachiyo Logistics Center after the redevelopment project and Ichikawa Logistics Center II,Yokohama Machida Logistics Center received an A rating under CASBEE.

  • 市川II
  • 横町
  • 八千代
A system for evaluating the overall environmental performance of a building. Evaluates and rates the environmental performance of buildings based on energy and resource conservation, recycling and other environmental burden reductions as well as interior comfort and landscaping.

Participation in the GRESB Annual Survey

We participate in the annual survey by GRESB, which evaluates the environmental awareness and sustainability of real estate operators.
We have received a ”Green Star” designation since we are highly evaluated in both dimensions of “Management & Policy” and “Implementation & Measurement” with regards to activities for environmental and social consideration and sustainability.

GRESB(Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark)
A benchmark that assesses the environmental awareness and sustainability of real estate operators including REITs, formed primarily from major European pension funds. GRESB aims to enhance shareholder value by applying awareness of the environment, society and governance to real estate investments.

Initiatives at the Asset Management Firm

JLF’s asset management firm, Mitsui & Co., Logistics Partners Ltd. (MLP), promotes a work environment that enables directors and employees to balance work with their personal life and work with a sense of mission and fulfillment. MLP aims to be the best asset management firm workplace in Japan.

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