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ESG Initiatives


1. Participation in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment

I. Overview of GRESB Assessment

GRESB is an annual benchmark established primarily by major European pension funds groups leading the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2009 which measures environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) consideration for real assets including real estate portfolio and infrastructure etc. As of now, approximately over 75 companies of investor members (total assets under management of approx. 1,980trillion yen [USD18trillion assuming USD1 = JPY110]) have joined and used GRESB Assessment data to select and dialogue with investment targets.
Please refer to the GRESB’s website for more details (https://gresb.com/).

II. Assessment Result

JLF has received a ”Green Star” designation since it is highly evaluated in both dimensions of “Management & Policy” and “Implementation & Measurement” with regards to activities for environmental and social consideration and sustainability.


2. DBJ Green Building Certification

I. Overview of DBJ Green Building Certification

DBJ Green Building Certification Program was launched by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (“DBJ”) for the purpose of supporting the properties which give proper care to environment and society (“Green Building”). The program evaluates, certifies and supports properties which are required by society and economy. It makes comprehensive assessment of properties, while evaluating various factors which range from properties’ environmental features to their communication with stakeholders, such as disaster prevention and proper care for surrounding communities. Since August 2017, Japan Real Estate Institute evaluates and certifies properties and DBJ controls the DBJ Green Building Certification Program.
For details of the certification program, please refer to the following URL.
The website of DBJ Green Building Certification: http://igb.jp/en/index.html/

II. The Certification Rank
  • dbjgb
III. Properties with DBJ Green Building Certification and the Certification Rank
Certification Year Property
5 Stars 2017 M-24 Shin-Koyasu Logistics Center
4 Stars M-11 Yachiyo Logistics Center
2018 M-6 Funabashi Nishiura Logistics Center
M-12 Yokohama Fukuura Logistics Center
M-13 Yachiyo Logistics Center II
M-19 Souka Logistics Center
M-26 Sagamihara Logistics Center
M-31 ShinKiba Logistics Center Ⅱ
M-32 Yokohama Machida Logistics Center
2017 T-8 Tajimi Logistics Center
3 Stars 2018 M-5 Urayasu Chidori Logistics Center
M-22 Musashimurayama Logistics Center

3. Certification based on the SMBC Sustainable Building Assessment Program

I. Overview of SMBC Sustainable Building Assessment Loan Program

A program designed to certify real estate properties satisfying environmental sustainability standards set by original evaluation system of SMBC and Woonerf Inc, and provide loans in accordance with the certificate. The standards include environmental performance capability of the properties, initiatives on risk management necessary for securing sustainability, and policy and implementation program on sustainability management.

II. The Certification Rank

Misato Logistics Center was certificated as “Bronze”, which is the first time the SMBC Sustainable Building Assessment Loan Program awarded to logistics properties.

  • Misato


I. Overview of CASBEE

A system for evaluating the overall environmental performance of a building. It evaluates and rates the environmental performance of buildings based on energy and resource conservation, recycling and other environmental burden reductions as well as interior comfort and landscaping.

II. The Certification Rank

Yachiyo Logistics Center after the redevelopment project and Ichikawa Logistics Center II, Yokohama Machida Logistics Center received an A rating under CASBEE.

  • >Yachiyo Logistics Center/Ichikawa Logistics Center II/Yokohama Machida Logistics Center

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