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Exective Director Keita TanahashiSince May 2005, when we successfully listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as Japan’s first real estate investment corporation (J-REIT) dedicated to logistics properties, Japan Logistics Fund Inc. (hereafter referred to as “JLF”) has achieved steady, sustained growth as a market leader in its area, from the predawn period of J-REITs to today when they are widely recognized among investors.

Many of the existing stock of logistic facilities in Japan face the need to respond to the aging of facilities that were built during Japan’s high-growth era. More recently, they have faced the need to accommodate the proliferation of the Internet transactions (e-commerce), which demand larger and more sophisticated facilities that can sort vast quantities of small orders by destination and deliver them in a short time. JLF plays a part in enabling the sustained development of the logistics industry as it confronts these issues, and meets the need of investors for long-term stable dividends by creating opportunities to invest in logistics properties, where tenant changes are less frequent and rents are more stable than those of offices and residential properties.

With economic globalization continuing and changes in the investment climate intensifying, investors are likely to have to pay even more attention to portfolio operation in the years to come. With the conviction that investing in JLF can assist investors, we seek to manage our assets in a way that consistently meets their expectations, based on our responsibility and awareness as a J-REIT dedicated to logistics properties investment. With a particular focus on Own Book Redevelopment (OBR), one of the strengths of JLF, we aim to continue achieving stable growth over the medium to long terms by leveraging the sophisticated expertise and know-how we have acquired through years of experience.

Together with Mitsui & Co., Logistics Partners Ltd., the asset manager of the Fund, with its sponsors of Mitsui & Co. and others, JLF will improve satisfaction level of both tenants and investors by leveraging our expertise in good judge of qualified logistics properties as well as insightful analysis of global economy and logistics market.

Yasushi Ogaku
Executive Director
Japan Logistics Fund, Inc.

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