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O-1 Maebashi

  • Gunma
  • Less than 10,000㎡
  • Single
Location 258-14 Kamimasuda-machi, Maebashi, Gunma, and other
Site Area 16,241.43 m2
Total leasable area 5,416.42 m2
Structure/Floors Steel frame with alloy-plated steel roofing sheet, 2-story building
Completed February 4, 2005
Acquisition Date May 9, 2005
Acquisition Price 1,230 million yen
No. of Tenants 1
Major Tenants Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.

Income(Loss) from Real Estate Leasing Business

(million yen)

The 25th Period The 26th Period The 27th Period The 28th Period The 29th Period
Real estate leasing business revenue 43 43 43 43 43
Real estate leasing business expenses 14 14 15 13 12
NOI 39 39 38 39 38
Depreciation 10 10 10 8 7
Loss on Write-offs of noncurrect assets - - 0
Income(loss) from real estate leasing business 29 29 28 30 31
CAPEX - - 1 0
Book Value 984 974 964 956 949
Appraisal Value 1,410 1,410 1,320 1,330 1,330

Location Profile

The property is located within the distribution and industrial complexes that are situated approximately 9km from the center of Maebashi, the prefectural capital of Gunma Prefecture, and roughly 10km from Isezaki City. The property is located approximately 4km from the Komagata Interchange on the Kita-Kanto Expressway and also boasts easy access to the Kan-Etsu Expressway. The property also benefits from its location adjacent to the fully operational distribution centers of various major corporations.

Facility Profile

The property is a model facility, newly constructed following the consolidation of Sagawa Express' Maebashi and Isezaki area centers, which serves as a pick-up center. As a regional pick-up center, the property boasts superior specifications that can improve efficiency and facilitate cost reductions in goods sorting operations. In addition, much attention has been paid to ensuring safety and reducing workloads.

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