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M-21 Kashiwa

  • Chiba
  • over 10,000㎡ Less than 30,000㎡
  • Single
Location 6 Kashiwa Inter-Minami, Kashiwa, Chiba
Site Area 10,942.48 m2
Total leasable area 20,550.73 m2
Structure/Floors Steel frame with alloy-plated steel roofing sheet 6-story building
Completed October 31, 2006
Acquisition Date Mar. 1, 2013
Acquisition Price 3,725 million yen
No. of Tenants 1
Major Tenants Not disclosed*
* Not disclosed,for unable to obtain the tenant’s consent.

Income(Loss) from Real Estate Leasing Business

(million yen)

The 25th Period The 26th Period The 27th Period The 28th Period The 29th Period
Real estate leasing business revenue 非開示* 非開示* 非開示* 非開示* 非開示*
Real estate leasing business expenses 非開示* 非開示* 非開示* 非開示* 非開示*
NOI 110 109 95 97 111
Depreciation 37 38 38 38 39
Loss on Write-offs of noncurrect assets - -
Income(loss) from real estate leasing business 73 71 56 58 72
CAPEX 67 - 45 36
Book Value 3,472 3,434 3,443 3,441 3,402
Appraisal Value 4,530 4,560 4,560 4,560 4,560
* Not disclosed, for unable to obtain the tenant’s consent.

Location Profile

The Kashiwa area, in which the property is located, is in the inland of the Tokyo metropolitan area close to the heart of Tokyo Metropolis, the largest consumption area in Japan. The area is in high demand as a site for storage and distribution centers catering to the general consumer goods market in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and numerous large logistics facilities have started operations there in recent years.
The property has exceptionally convenient traffic connections due to its close proximity to the Kashiwa Interchange, which serves as the intersection of National Route 16 and the Joban Expressway, major arterial routes of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Not only does this enable distribution to the entire Tokyo metropolitan area, it also enables wider distribution to the northern Kanto region and theTohoku region via the Tohoku Expressway and other routes.
In addition, as the surrounding properties are zoned as industrial, prohibiting condominium construction, it is possible to operate 24 hours a day without any noise-complaint incidents. At the same time, as it is close to residential areas centering on the closest train station Kashiwanoha-campus Station on the Tsukuba Express line and Edokawadai Station on the Tobu Noda line, it is easy to secure a labor force, and all the location conditions required for contemporary distribution operations are met.

Facility Profile

The facility is a highly versatile logistic center with ideal specs such as an effective column interval of 10.0 m, effective ceiling height of 5.4 m and higher, and standard floor load capacity of 1.5 t/ m2 (2.5 t/ m2 on the first floor). As each floor has office space, the property can be organized for divided use.
In addition, the facility has double-sided loading docks and ample vertical transport equipment (2 elevators and 4 vertical transport devices), therefore enabling efficient inflow, outflow and internal flow and storage. The facility’s specs make it suitable for either storage-type or distribution-type tenant needs.
Moreover, the facility’s highly versatile structure makes it possible to secure a wide range of tenants by meeting the special needs of freight. For example, one part of the double-sided loading docks is a low-floor type that is ideal for tenants that handle heavy freight such as beverages.

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