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M-27 Chiba Kita

  • Chiba
  • over 10,000㎡ Less than 30,000㎡
  • Single
Location 1004 Yokodocho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba, Chiba
Site Area 21,605.94 m2
Total leasable area 14,828.38 m2
Structure/Floors Steel frame with galvanized steel sheet roof, 4-story building, and other
Completed October 30, 1995
Acquisition Date Sep. 4, 2015
Acquisition Price 1,459 million yen
No. of Tenants 1
Major Tenants Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.

Income(Loss) from Real Estate Leasing Business

(million yen)

The 25th Period The 26th Period The 27th Period The 28th Period The 29th Period
Real estate leasing business revenue 非開示* 非開示* 非開示* 非開示* 非開示*
Real estate leasing business expenses 非開示* 非開示* 非開示* 非開示* 非開示*
NOI 50 53 49 51 53
Depreciation 17 17 13 12 12
Loss on Write-offs of noncurrect assets 0 0 0 1
Income(loss) from real estate leasing business 33 36 36 37 40
CAPEX 1 0 1 6
Book Value 1,441 1,425 1,413 1,405 1,392
Appraisal Value 1,960 1,970 2,030 2,030 2,060
* Not disclosed, for unable to obtain the tenant’s consent.

Location Profile

This property is located approximately 45 km from central Tokyo, in the Chiba city area where many logistics facilities are located around the Chiba-Kita interchange, which is the intersection of Route 16, a major national loop road, and the Higashi-Kanto Expressway.

The property enables wide-area distribution including Chiba prefecture as it features excellent access to expressways, situated approximately 2.8 km from the Chiba-Kita Interchange, and faces Route 16.

The environment is suitable for logistics operations with stores and green areas nearby. The location is surrounded by a residential area with a well-established bus route network, which makes it relatively easy to secure labor.

Facility Profile

This facility is a highly versatile two-story box-type logistics center with standard specifications such as an effective column interval of 12.0 m x 8.0 m, an effective ceiling height of 8.3 m (6.65 m for the second floor), and a floor load capacity of 1.5 t/m2 (1.2 t/m2 for the second floor).

A spacious truck yard enables swift and efficient operations for logistics companies by using dual-sided truck berths.

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