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M-36 Ichikawa III

  • Chiba
  • over 10,000㎡ Less than 30,000㎡
  • Single
Location 17-18 Futamata-shinmachi, Ichikawa, Chiba
Site Area 13,080.20 m2
Total leasable area 24,740.88 m2
Structure/Floors Steel-frame 4-story building with aluminum sheet roof
Completed July 23, 2001
Acquisition Date Mar. 8, 2019
Acquisition Price 3,850 million yen
No. of Tenants 1
Major Tenants Not disclosed*
* Not disclosed, for unable to obtain the tenant’s consent.

Income(Loss) from Real Estate Leasing Business

(million yen)

The 25th Period The 26th Period The 27th Period The 28th Period The 29th Period
Real estate leasing business revenue 非開示* 非開示*
Real estate leasing business expenses 非開示* 非開示*
NOI 112 141
Depreciation 18 22
Loss on Write-offs of noncurrect assets
Income(loss) from real estate leasing business 94 119
Book Value 3,907 3,885
Appraisal Value 5,230 5,240
* Not disclosed, for unable to obtain the tenant’s consent.

Location Profile

The Property is located approximately 18 kilometers from central Tokyo, Japan’s largest consumption area, in the bay area of Ichikawa city in the western part of Chiba Prefecture. The area has a good access to international logistics bases, such as Tokyo Port, Port of Chiba, Tokyo International Airport and New Tokyo International Airport.
The Property is located approximately 1.5 kilometers from the Wangan Ichikawa Interchange of the Higashi-Kanto Expressway and approximately 3.0 kilometers from the Funabashi Interchange of the Keiyo Expressway, enabling distribution to every consumption area in Tokyo.
The Property is located in the Keiyo Industrial District where several large factories, logistics bases and other facilities are concentrated. There is little concern that residents living in the vicinity would complain about noise, vibration or other problems, enabling tenants to operate 24 hours.
Futamata-shinmachi Station of JR Keiyo Line is available nearby. The location is comparatively convenient for commuting and sufficient local labor can be secured.

Facility Profile

A four-story, highly versatile box-type logistics facility with standard specifications, including effective column spacing of 9.8 meters ×11.1 meters, effective ceiling height of 5.5 meters and standard floor load of 1.5 tons per square meters.
The facility meets a wide range of tenants needs, as loading and unloading of goods and moving and storing goods within the facility can be efficiently conducted with 16 raised floor-type truck berths on the first floor and 2 cargo elevators and 2 vertical conveyors within the facility.

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