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M-37 Fujisawa

  • Kanagawa
  • over 10,000㎡ Less than 30,000㎡
  • Single
Location 9 Kiriharacho, Fujisawa,
Site Area 8,262.80 m2
Total leasable area 16,443.72 m2
Structure/Floors Steel-flame structure, alloyplated steel sheet roof, 4 stories
Completed May 17,2019
Acquisition Date Aug. 1, 2019
Acquisition Price 4,305 million yen
No. of Tenants 1
Major Tenants Not disclosed*
* Not disclosed, for unable to obtain the tenant’s consent.

Income(Loss) from Real Estate Leasing Business

(million yen)

The 25th Period The 26th Period The 27th Period The 28th Period The 29th Period
Real estate leasing business revenue 非開示*
Real estate leasing business expenses 非開示*
NOI 105
Depreciation 30
Loss on Write-offs of noncurrect assets
Income(loss) from real estate leasing business 75
Book Value 4,319
Appraisal Value 4,370
* Not disclosed, for unable to obtain the tenant’s consent.

Location Profile

・Located in the city of Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, an area where there is strong demand for logistics facilities with wide geographic coverage with an eye on deliveries to central Tokyo.
・In addition to excellent access to the Tomei Expressway, the nearby Yokohama South Loop Line (Ken-o Expressway) is scheduled to open in 2020, and access to central parts of Tokyo can be expected to improve.
・The city of Fujisawa where the Property (Fujisawa Logistics Center) is situated is the core city of the Shonan area, and the Property (Fujisawa Logistics Center) is surrounded by residential areas and access to Shonandai Station on the Odakyu Enoshima Line is also good, making it easy to secure labor.

Facility Profile

・A high versatile three-story box-type logistics facility with standard facility specifications including an effective inter-column gap of 11.0m×11.5m, an effective ceiling height of at least 5.5m, and a floor withstand load of 1.5~2.5t/m2.
・The installation of truck berths (for 14 vehicles) and vertical handling equipment (2 cargo elevators and 2 vertical conveyor) enables efficient cargo carrying-in and carrying-out, in-warehouse movement and storage, and meets a wide range of tenant needs.
・Consideration is also given to the working environment of the tenant through the use of LED lighting and the provision of sufficient number of parking spaces, office space and passenger elevators.

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